I just signed up, what's next?

If you've just signed up for IdentiSafe, congratulations! You're one step closer to keeping your identity protected online.

If you haven't yet signed up, please see our support article to learn how to sign up.

Getting Started

After creating your account, here's what's left to do:

Log in to your account

Add your personal information (See below)

Download our app (Optional):

That's it! Once you enter your information, you're all set! It's that easy.
If you'd like us to monitor any of the other data points, feel free to enter your information on the corresponding pages.

You can also download our app on your cell phone or tablet, as well as set up SMS Text Alerts, so you will be notified immediately if we find any breaches.

Adding your Information

The first thing we recommend is to add your Social Security Number and/or Postal Address. These are the first data points that we will monitor.

IdentiSafe uses a sophisticated Very Early Warning System to monitor private and public databases for signs of early identity theft risk.

This system uses your SSN number, and the address in your account to look for manipulations that indicate you are at risk. The system is running 24/7 with new information.

In the event that your information appears compromised, we will put a flag in your Dashboard along with instructions on how to protect yourself. All information is stored in a secure, encrypted database.

You can learn more about all of our Identity Monitoring services here:

SSN Monitoring

Medical ID Monitoring

Credit Card Monitoring

Bank Account Monitoring

Phone Number Monitoring

USPS Address Monitoring

Driver's License Monitoring

Passport Monitoring

Email Monitoring

Tip: If you ever need any help, just click the contact us button at the bottom of this page to get in touch with somebody. We're always here to help.

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.