Getting started: Bank Account Monitoring

IdentiSafe uses a sophisticated Very Early Warning System to monitor private and public databases for signs of early identity theft and ID Theft Risk.

Bank Account Monitoring

I think the danger of having a bank account compromised goes without saying. If your bank account number and routing numbers are compromised, then it can lead to very difficult situations.

We highly recommend you enter your bank account numbers so that we can monitor them for you.

Getting Started

Start by adding your account number(s) to immediately begin monitoring your identity within our network:


First, sign in to your Account Dashboard by visiting the link below:

Select the Identity Monitoring tab at the top of this page, then choose Bank Accounts from the drop-down menu:
Type your account and routing numbers in the boxes provided, then press Add:
That's it! You will be notified on your Dashboard if we find any breaches.

Tip: You can add up to 10 bank accounts if you would like to monitor multiple accounts at once.

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