Getting started: Passport Monitoring

IdentiSafe uses a sophisticated Very Early Warning System to monitor private and public databases for signs of early identity theft and ID Theft Risk.

Passport Monitoring

Similarly to a driver’s license, passports are often used as a primary or secondary form of identification. While it normally is only used for travel, your passport can also be a tool for thieves to impersonate you and verify themselves as you.

If a thief comes across your passport, you can be at risk in numerous ways. Our system can help prevent that by notifying you immediately if we detect any suspicious activity.

Getting Started

Start by adding your passport number to immediately begin monitoring your identity within our network:


First, sign in to your Account Dashboard by visiting the link below:

Select the Identity Monitoring tab at the top of this page, then choose Passport from the drop-down menu:
Type your passport number in the box provided, then press Add:
That's it! You will be notified on your Dashboard if we find any breaches.

Note: Passport Monitoring is limited to the primary account holder. We can only monitor one passport at a time.

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