How do I change my password?

This article instructs you on how to change the password associated with your IdentiSafe account.

Manage Account

Follow the instructions below to change your password. You must already know your existing password first in order to change it.

Tip: If you forgot your password, please see this article for more information on how to reset it.

First, sign in to your Account Dashboard by visiting the link below:

Click your name at the top of this page and select My Profile, if it is not selected already:
Select the Password tab, then enter your existing password inside the Old Password field:
Enter your desired password in the New Password field. Don't forget to re-type your password in the Confirm New Password field:
Note: Your password is CaSe-sensitive. If you use any capital letters or special characters, you must type it exactly the same way to log in again.

Finally, press the Update Password button to save your details.

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