How do I change the payment method in my account?

If you previously deleted or never entered a credit/debit card, you're going to want to add one to ensure that your subscription always remains active.

Update Payment Method

You can change your payment method at any time if you have a new card you would like to use for future renewals, or if your previous card is expired.

There must be at least one form of payment on file in order for us to renew or reactivate your subscription.

Tip: You cannot delete your primary payment method. You may need to add a new form of payment first, before you can remove the old one.

First, sign in to your Account Dashboard by visiting the link below:

Select the Billing tab at the top of this page, then choose Payment Methods from the pop-up that appears:
Choose Edit Payment Method from the following dialog:
Enter your card details, then press Update.

Note: We do not accept prepaid or reloadable cards as a mode of payment at this time.
That's it! Your new payment method is now on file.

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